ICAR, Tripura


  Proceedings of National Seminar (Agartala, Dec 5-7, 2015)  
  Introduction of Soil Health Card in Tripura.


Broiler Rabbit Production in Tripura. VOLUME: VI, NO.3 -JULY- SEPTEMBER, 2008
Broiler Production Technology for NEH- Region VOLUME: VIII, NO.4 -October-December,2010
Composite Fish Culture in Tripura. VOLUME: IX, NO.1 -Jan-March,2011
Cultivation of Bhendi in Tripura. VOLUME: IX, NO.2 -April-June,2011
Implementation and Promotion of IPM Technology.  
Jute Agrotextile - its uses in Agriculture. A Glimpse of Agro forestry in Tripura
Leucaena Leucocephala- A Promising forage Plant. Cut Flower and Corn Production of Gladiolus in Tripura
Mushroom Cultivation - waste material for food production. Feed and Feeding Strategies in Composite Fish Culture
Package of Practices of Black Pepper Cultivation in Tripura. Development of Agro forestry Based Farming
Package of Practices for Tuberose Cultivation in Tripura. Fertilizer and Irrigation Management in Major Fruit Crops
Pineapple Cultivation in Tripura. Mosambi Cultivation in Tripura
Production Techniques for Greater Yam in Tripura. Onion Cultivation-A Remunerative Option for Tripura Farmers
Production Techniques for Tomato in Tripura. Orchid Culture
Production Techniques for Brinjal in Tripura. Plug Nursery
Shifting Cultivation. Cultivation of Litchi in Tripura
Swine Production in Tripura.  
Success story of National Watershed Development Project for Rain fed Agriculture.  
Techniques for Tapioca Production in Tripura.  
Tree Leaf Manure.  
Use of Plastics in Agriculture.  
Water Quality Management for Fish Culture in Tripura.  
Why to eat Rabbit Meat