ICAR, Tripura

Technology Developed

Release of Improved varieties of Rice, Toria and Brinjal.
Release of Cold tolerant variety, TRC- BORODHAN- 1
Identification/ Development of Rice varieties viz. TRC-87-251 for Upland situation
Identification/ Development of Ricebean, Urd, Mung varieties suitable for autumn season
Development of Toria Variety
Identification of suitable Groundnut varieties
Identification of Gladiolus varieties for year round flower production
Development of Mosaic Resistant Bhindi variety through interspecific hybridization
Identification of suitable crop sequences for upland situations
Introduction of suitable strains of phosphate solubilizing bacteria to mitigate the photophate hunger of soil
Introduction of Vermicompost and tree leaf manuare for soil amelioration.
Introduction of new livestock as alternative meat source viz. Broiler Rabbit, Guinea Fowl
Identification and nutritional evaluation of indigenous feed resources.
Identification of rural poultry breeds for Tripura
Identification of Aquarium/ Sport fished of indigenous origin
Identified Neoergasilus japonicus as the major parasite infecting fishes
Development of multistory Agroforestry model for degraded uplands of Tripura