ICAR, Tripura



Tripura is endowed with a humid and sub tropical climate which harbours huge bio diversity. The agro climatic condition and availability of a wide range of plant genetic resources cause survivality of several pest and diseases. The division is engaged to combat the attack of pest and diseases of different crops. Varieties have been identified to combat the attack of different pest and disease like CRM-13-3241, Gaduma and Heera to prevent blast disease in cereals crops. To combat leaf spot disease in groundnut some tolerance varieties are ICGS- 10936, 10964 and 10943. In mustard two varieties Rohini and M-27 show resistant to leaf spot. In vegetables root knot nematodes and bacterial wilt are important disease in tomato and brinjal, variety like BT-10 and 12, Arka Abha, Arka Alok of tomato and Bholanath, Singnath, PPC, BSI-2 and 3 of brinjal can tolerate this disease.

  Productivity of different species of oyster mushroom under Tripura condition.
  Fungicidal management of foliar diseases of groundnut in Tripura
  Effects of climatic conditions and substrates on the production of Pleurotus sajor-caju in Tripura.
  Evaluation against sheath blight disease of maize under natural conditions.
  Effect of host genotypes and cultural practices for the management of bacterial wilt in brinjal (Solanum melongena L)
  Influence of host genotypes on the incidence of major diseases of tomato during winter season in Tripura
  Integrated Management of Wilt of Tomato Caused by Ralstonia solanacearum
  Influence of Climatic Conditions and Cultural Practices on the Development of Fruit Bodies of Pleurotus flabellatus in Tripura.
  Ongoing Projects:
  Integrated Management of Sheath Blight Disease of Rice in Tripura.
  Development of Sustainable Production Technologies for Promotion of Groundnut Cultivation in Non-traditional Areas of Eastern and North-Eastern India (collaborative project)
  NAIP Sub Project: Improvement of Livelihood by Mushroom Cultivation
  Cultivation of Edible Mushroom with the Use of Agricultural Residues
  Integrated Management of Bacterial Wilt of Solanaceous vegetable
  Different Activities
  Mushroom cultivation
  Management of Bacterial wilt
  Management of Leaf Curl Disease in Tomato
  Management of Groundnut Diseases
  Management of Sheath Blight Disease in Rice